Stripers On Twrecks December 8th 2017 – They’re On Fire!

On December 8th 2017, The seas were calmish, The bait was being harassed by big Stripers, and my buddy Dan and I found hoards of Stripers while fishing on Twrecks Jr. because the fish were acting like they were on fire! We had our limit of fish under 43″ within 35 minutes. We then proceeded to boat another 5 fish in the next 15 minutes, but everything was between 30 and 34″, so we decided to call it a day so as to not cause additional damage to these beautiful fish!

All fish were caught on the troll with tandem Mojo rigs, completed with 9″ rubber shad. The hot color was anything!!!! When the fishing slows down, it seems as though Green, aka Chartruese, seems to out produce everything. A little known fact, when Bunker are injured, they turn a greenish color as a camouflage tactic !

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Last Saturday December 2nd, was the first of many Striper trips. Just a couple of miles outside of Atlantic City is where the action was. The group of 3 managed to land 2 gorgeous Striped Bass while enjoying moderate fall temperatures and calm seas. Both fish were taken while trolling tandem Mojo rigs with 9″ shad. Book now!!!! These fish should be around the rest of this month, and hopefully into January as well!

April 22, 2017 Chris’s Deep Sea and Back Bay Saltwater Fishing Trip for Blackfish and Bluefish on Twrecks Charters in Atlantic City, NJ


The combination of both Deep Sea Fishing, and Back Bay Fishing during late April in Atlantic City, can yield some fun and exciting fishing! Chris’s group discovered the thrill of deep sea fishing over the sunken wrecks off of Atlantic City, as well as the surprising serenity of the back bay waters with the 10+ pound Bluefish lurking below.

The weather was supposed to be conducive to a great day out in the ocean, but as it happens many times, mother nature will do what she wants to do. Instead of light NW winds, with flat seas, Saturday’s weather was NE winds around 10 to 15 knots, seas of 3 to 5 feet with white caps, and off and on cold rain. Chris’s group laughed in the face of this weather, as T-Wrecks Jr. plowed into the seas with 6 anxious anglers, waiting for their turn at landing a keeping size blackfish. It took a couple of tries to get anchored correctly, but as soon as the boat came to a rest over the wreck in 60′ of water, 6 miles outside of Atlantic City, the bites came. The first couple of fish were Black Sea Bass, but unfortunately they are out of season and had to be returned to the ocean. One of the seabass was over 2 pounds, and would have tasted great in the frying pan, but that’s another story for the latter part of May. One blackfish came over the rail, but shortly after that the conditions turned worse, and the battered crew had enough of the ocean.

The second group, or as I like to call them the second shift, was treated to some Back Bay fishing in the southern part of Atlantic City’s back bay waters. T-Wrecks Jr. was anchored over a deep hole as the bottom of the tide was quickly approaching. The first action came from some hungry Blue Claw crabs, mostly females and anxious to get their annual migration started. The first fish caught , was an 18 1/2″ Fluke, otherwise known as a summer flounder. Then shortly after the Fluke, the tide stopped and the first Bluefish was Hooked and fought for about 5 minutes, on light tackle. Toward the end of the fight, the massive bluefish managed to help Chris break the handle of the reel. The last part of the fight involved major skill by Chris, to hand line the Blue, with just enough force to land it, without breaking the 15 pound test line. Kudos Chris, job well done! About 5 minutes later, a second blue was hooked, handle was broken, and Captain Tom was too impatient, and applied too much force, and the fish broke off. Lesson learned, get better light tackle!!!!

All in all, lemonade was made from the weather raining down lemons on this Saturday. Chris’s group left the dock with many memories and feeling like they rule the world.


Austin’s April 15th Deep Sea Bachelor Wreck Fishing Shabang on Twrecks Atlantic City

Good morning! This is Captian Tom From Twrecks reporting on a great 4 hour fishing trip that left the dock at 9 am, and returned at 1 pm.  The group of 9, celebrating Austin’s upcoming wedding, showed up 20 minutes before their trip, which gave them plenty of time to settle in, and get acquainted with the boat, crew and fishing techniques. The weather was cloudy, with light to moderate South winds.

As Twrecks pulled away from the dock, the group of nine anxiously awaited the 40-minute trip out to the first spot approximately six and a half miles north of Atlantic City. The wind and current cooperated so the dual anchor setup enabled this group to fish the entire length of the spot. There were approximately 24 fish caught with a couple of them being keeping size. As soon as we got our first spiny dogfish, we left that spot to go to the next one.

The next spot produced another 40 fish, and 4 additional keepers including one around 5 pounds. This was truly a fishing trip that Austin will remember for the rest of his life.

The camaraderie experienced by this group of nine, which included Austin’s dad, was truly one for the books. Everything from the music selected, to the food and drinks consumed on the boat, and the amount of blackfish caught was A 4 hour trip, that in April, cannot be reckoned with.

The best bait used was a green crab cut in half with all legs and claws removed and the top shell removed. It did not matter if they used a snafu rig, which is comprised of two hooks sliding up and down on one leader below the hook, or a standard top and bottom rig, which is commonly used for seabass. The Blackfish did not care, and everyone had plenty of action.

Austin’s group took 4 bags of filets home with them, weighing about 12 pounds. That should be plenty of fish for everyone in the party.

April 11, 2017 Open Boat Dual Anchor Wreckfishing for Tautog, Blackfish on Twrecks Atlantic City

Welcome to the first open boat, deep sea wreck fishing on T-wrecks out of Atlantic City on this day, April 11th 2017. At this time of the year during the week when someone calls me looking to go Open Boat Fishing I take a maximum of 6 people, and we target Blackfish commonly known as Tautog.
The weather was warm for this time of the year, and the winds were blowing out of the Southwest at approximately 15 miles an hour for most of the day. These conditions created an excellent fishing atmosphere for catching Blackfish over the wrecks outside of Atlantic City. We went to 2 wrecks all day, and at least 150 fish were caught and released but we kept 20 Keepers up to 21 inches. We fished for approximately five hours until we ran out of bait, which was one bushel of green crabs and several white leggers. We then switched over to salted clam, but on this day it didn’t matter to the hungry Blackfish, even the keeping size ones.
I have two open boats scheduled for the last two Sundays of April, that is the 23rd and the 30th, I will take at least 10 people. I am also available pretty much any day during the last two weeks of April for smaller groups or individuals if I can get enough people. The cost is $100 per person during the week and that is for eight hours of fishing. My prices include everything that you need like all tackle, rods reels, ice and fish cleaning services. Please contact me via phone, email or text to find out the availability. You can also look at the schedule online to see if there are any times posted and any spots available.

I am also available for private Charters at anytime. Both my prices, and my availability can be found on this website.

Anthony’s Deep Sea Blackfish Bachelor party Blast on April 8, 2017

Today started off beautiful lots of sunshine with just a few high clouds. This group of five came aboard T-wrecks for some deep sea black fishing to celebrate Anthony’s upcoming wedding. As the boat left the dock comma Anthony and the rest in his group dialed in their phone to the Bluetooth speakers and enjoyed music on the ride out to the wrecks.

The wind was blowing at 15 miles an hour out of the West creating a 2 to 4 foot sea. After the boat was anchored over the wreck, sitting in approximately 60 feet of water, the bites came quickly. Ryan was the first one to catch a black fish however it was too short to keep. There were some other fish caught like spiny dogfish but they are not as good to eat so they went back in the ocean.

Shortly after the first fish came over the boat, the wind increased to a steady 25 miles an hour with gusts over 30. The Seas quickly built to four to six feet which made it difficult to fish the cold water and feel the bites. At that point it was better for everyone if T-wrecks moved to the Back Bay looking for some striped bass.

The remainder of the trip was spent in the back Bays of Atlantic City anchored in 30 feet of water. Clams, mackeral and Herring were used with clams being used for chum as well. We caught the bottom of the tide which is generally good this time of year for striped bass. However there were no striped bass to be found but we did catch a few more spiny Dogfish and everybody enjoyed lots of music, food and good drinks.

Over all, Anthony’s group had a great time while fishing on T-wrecks out of Atlantic City. Their journey continues in Philadelphia for the remainder of the bachelor party. Congratulations Anthony.

See the fun video clip for the start of this fantastic trip at the link below.

April 2, 2017 Wreck Fishing for Tautog on Twrecks

On this 5-hour fishing trip that left on April 2nd out of Gardner’s Basin in Atlantic City, we were greeted with calm winds, 55 degree temperatures, nice seas, and a beautiful ride out to the deep-sea wrecks off of Atlantic City.  Our main target was Blackfish. We did catch a couple of small conures as well. The good news no spiny dogfish were found on all three spots that we fished.

The first wreck was sunk during World War II, sits in about 80 feet of water, and usually is a good spot for early Blackfish. However, this day proved that that spot will not be productive until later on. The second spot, was actually farther out in about the same water depth. The wind shifted to the South, the tide picked up, and the Blackfish started to bite.

The bite did not last long, but at least my patrons were able to see a couple of black fish. Maybe as the weeks go by, the keeping size fish will begin to feed voraciously, out on the wrecks.

Blackfish can be finicky when it comes to what they will eat and when they will eat. Generally you want consistent conditions, temperatures on the bottom at least in the mid-forties, and also present them with the baits that they are used to seeing down on the areas in which they live. Hopefully the fish will start to bite in the shallower water first, that way our travel time to the fishing spots isn’t as long as it usually is early in the season. That means more fishing time for the Patrons.

The good news about this time of the year, is you get to see more whale activity as whales are migrating both North and South. We did see a couple of spouts in the distance, but the whales shortly disappeared before we could get over to them.

That’s just one of the benefits of deep sea fishing off of Atlantic City on Twrecks.

December 28th Wreck Fishing

What a beautiful day for late December! Calm winds, temperatures in the 40’s and the black fish were biting!!  Captain Tom got in on the action, and caught this 3.8 pound blackfish as part of a great meal for the patrons on board.

Dec 16th, 2016 – Wreck Fishing

What a beautiful day on the water! Everyone caught keeper blackfish, and the white, meaty fillets will provide great table fare! The temperature was chilly, but the calm seas made wreck fishing off of Atlantic City was good! Our pursuit of striped bass will continue until the end of 2016!

Nov 27th, 2016 – Wreck Fishing

A few days after Thanksgiving the Powell family chartered the Twrecks for a combination striped bass and wreck fishing trip. The stripers alluded us, but the local wrecks provided good wreck fishing action with blackfish.  The hot bait was white legger crabs, aka Jonas Crabs, and 4 keeper blackfish provided plenty of fresh fish for a festive family dinner.