Today started off beautiful lots of sunshine with just a few high clouds. This group of five came aboard T-wrecks for some deep sea black fishing to celebrate Anthony’s upcoming wedding. As the boat left the dock comma Anthony and the rest in his group dialed in their phone to the Bluetooth speakers and enjoyed music on the ride out to the wrecks.

The wind was blowing at 15 miles an hour out of the West creating a 2 to 4 foot sea. After the boat was anchored over the wreck, sitting in approximately 60 feet of water, the bites came quickly. Ryan was the first one to catch a black fish however it was too short to keep. There were some other fish caught like spiny dogfish but they are not as good to eat so they went back in the ocean.

Shortly after the first fish came over the boat, the wind increased to a steady 25 miles an hour with gusts over 30. The Seas quickly built to four to six feet which made it difficult to fish the cold water and feel the bites. At that point it was better for everyone if T-wrecks moved to the Back Bay looking for some striped bass.

The remainder of the trip was spent in the back Bays of Atlantic City anchored in 30 feet of water. Clams, mackeral and Herring were used with clams being used for chum as well. We caught the bottom of the tide which is generally good this time of year for striped bass. However there were no striped bass to be found but we did catch a few more spiny Dogfish and everybody enjoyed lots of music, food and good drinks.

Over all, Anthony’s group had a great time while fishing on T-wrecks out of Atlantic City. Their journey continues in Philadelphia for the remainder of the bachelor party. Congratulations Anthony.

See the fun video clip for the start of this fantastic trip at the link below.

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