Welcome to the first open boat, deep sea wreck fishing on T-wrecks out of Atlantic City on this day, April 11th 2017. At this time of the year during the week when someone calls me looking to go Open Boat Fishing I take a maximum of 6 people, and we target Blackfish commonly known as Tautog.
The weather was warm for this time of the year, and the winds were blowing out of the Southwest at approximately 15 miles an hour for most of the day. These conditions created an excellent fishing atmosphere for catching Blackfish over the wrecks outside of Atlantic City. We went to 2 wrecks all day, and at least 150 fish were caught and released but we kept 20 Keepers up to 21 inches. We fished for approximately five hours until we ran out of bait, which was one bushel of green crabs and several white leggers. We then switched over to salted clam, but on this day it didn’t matter to the hungry Blackfish, even the keeping size ones.
I have two open boats scheduled for the last two Sundays of April, that is the 23rd and the 30th, I will take at least 10 people. I am also available pretty much any day during the last two weeks of April for smaller groups or individuals if I can get enough people. The cost is $100 per person during the week and that is for eight hours of fishing. My prices include everything that you need like all tackle, rods reels, ice and fish cleaning services. Please contact me via phone, email or text to find out the availability. You can also look at the schedule online to see if there are any times posted and any spots available.

I am also available for private Charters at anytime. Both my prices, and my availability can be found on this website.

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