On this 5-hour fishing trip that left on April 2nd out of Gardner’s Basin in Atlantic City, we were greeted with calm winds, 55 degree temperatures, nice seas, and a beautiful ride out to the deep-sea wrecks off of Atlantic City.  Our main target was Blackfish. We did catch a couple of small conures as well. The good news no spiny dogfish were found on all three spots that we fished.

The first wreck was sunk during World War II, sits in about 80 feet of water, and usually is a good spot for early Blackfish. However, this day proved that that spot will not be productive until later on. The second spot, was actually farther out in about the same water depth. The wind shifted to the South, the tide picked up, and the Blackfish started to bite.

The bite did not last long, but at least my patrons were able to see a couple of black fish. Maybe as the weeks go by, the keeping size fish will begin to feed voraciously, out on the wrecks.

Blackfish can be finicky when it comes to what they will eat and when they will eat. Generally you want consistent conditions, temperatures on the bottom at least in the mid-forties, and also present them with the baits that they are used to seeing down on the areas in which they live. Hopefully the fish will start to bite in the shallower water first, that way our travel time to the fishing spots isn’t as long as it usually is early in the season. That means more fishing time for the Patrons.

The good news about this time of the year, is you get to see more whale activity as whales are migrating both North and South. We did see a couple of spouts in the distance, but the whales shortly disappeared before we could get over to them.

That’s just one of the benefits of deep sea fishing off of Atlantic City on Twrecks.

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