The combination of both Deep Sea Fishing, and Back Bay Fishing during late April in Atlantic City, can yield some fun and exciting fishing! Chris’s group discovered the thrill of deep sea fishing over the sunken wrecks off of Atlantic City, as well as the surprising serenity of the back bay waters with the 10+ pound Bluefish lurking below.

The weather was supposed to be conducive to a great day out in the ocean, but as it happens many times, mother nature will do what she wants to do. Instead of light NW winds, with flat seas, Saturday’s weather was NE winds around 10 to 15 knots, seas of 3 to 5 feet with white caps, and off and on cold rain. Chris’s group laughed in the face of this weather, as T-Wrecks Jr. plowed into the seas with 6 anxious anglers, waiting for their turn at landing a keeping size blackfish. It took a couple of tries to get anchored correctly, but as soon as the boat came to a rest over the wreck in 60′ of water, 6 miles outside of Atlantic City, the bites came. The first couple of fish were Black Sea Bass, but unfortunately they are out of season and had to be returned to the ocean. One of the seabass was over 2 pounds, and would have tasted great in the frying pan, but that’s another story for the latter part of May. One blackfish came over the rail, but shortly after that the conditions turned worse, and the battered crew had enough of the ocean.

The second group, or as I like to call them the second shift, was treated to some Back Bay fishing in the southern part of Atlantic City’s back bay waters. T-Wrecks Jr. was anchored over a deep hole as the bottom of the tide was quickly approaching. The first action came from some hungry Blue Claw crabs, mostly females and anxious to get their annual migration started. The first fish caught , was an 18 1/2″ Fluke, otherwise known as a summer flounder. Then shortly after the Fluke, the tide stopped and the first Bluefish was Hooked and fought for about 5 minutes, on light tackle. Toward the end of the fight, the massive bluefish managed to help Chris break the handle of the reel. The last part of the fight involved major skill by Chris, to hand line the Blue, with just enough force to land it, without breaking the 15 pound test line. Kudos Chris, job well done! About 5 minutes later, a second blue was hooked, handle was broken, and Captain Tom was too impatient, and applied too much force, and the fish broke off. Lesson learned, get better light tackle!!!!

All in all, lemonade was made from the weather raining down lemons on this Saturday. Chris’s group left the dock with many memories and feeling like they rule the world.


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