Good morning! This is Captian Tom From Twrecks reporting on a great 4 hour fishing trip that left the dock at 9 am, and returned at 1 pm.  The group of 9, celebrating Austin’s upcoming wedding, showed up 20 minutes before their trip, which gave them plenty of time to settle in, and get acquainted with the boat, crew and fishing techniques. The weather was cloudy, with light to moderate South winds.

As Twrecks pulled away from the dock, the group of nine anxiously awaited the 40-minute trip out to the first spot approximately six and a half miles north of Atlantic City. The wind and current cooperated so the dual anchor setup enabled this group to fish the entire length of the spot. There were approximately 24 fish caught with a couple of them being keeping size. As soon as we got our first spiny dogfish, we left that spot to go to the next one.

The next spot produced another 40 fish, and 4 additional keepers including one around 5 pounds. This was truly a fishing trip that Austin will remember for the rest of his life.

The camaraderie experienced by this group of nine, which included Austin’s dad, was truly one for the books. Everything from the music selected, to the food and drinks consumed on the boat, and the amount of blackfish caught was A 4 hour trip, that in April, cannot be reckoned with.

The best bait used was a green crab cut in half with all legs and claws removed and the top shell removed. It did not matter if they used a snafu rig, which is comprised of two hooks sliding up and down on one leader below the hook, or a standard top and bottom rig, which is commonly used for seabass. The Blackfish did not care, and everyone had plenty of action.

Austin’s group took 4 bags of filets home with them, weighing about 12 pounds. That should be plenty of fish for everyone in the party.

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