On December 8th 2017, The seas were calmish, The bait was being harassed by big Stripers, and my buddy Dan and I found hoards of Stripers while fishing on Twrecks Jr. because the fish were acting like they were on fire! We had our limit of fish under 43″ within 35 minutes. We then proceeded to boat another 5 fish in the next 15 minutes, but everything was between 30 and 34″, so we decided to call it a day so as to not cause additional damage to these beautiful fish!

All fish were caught on the troll with tandem Mojo rigs, completed with 9″ rubber shad. The hot color was anything!!!! When the fishing slows down, it seems as though Green, aka Chartruese, seems to out produce everything. A little known fact, when Bunker are injured, they turn a greenish color as a camouflage tactic !

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