Twrecks Charters



Twrecks Policies

Responsible drinking is allowed. No hard liquor please.  No illegal drugs of any kind.  Under maritime law, it's illegal to possess and use marijuana on boats. 

Due to the durability of T-Wrecks, it can withstand any kind of footwear that you wish to use. However, we recommend waterproof footwear in the late fall, winter and spring seasons.

Your charter trip includes all the necessary bait and tackle. Personal favorite rods, reels, tackle are allowed. Charter supplied lures and jigs that are lost, will result in an extra charge to the charter party at the replacement cost.

All food, drinks, sea sick medication and sunscreen will be the responsibility of the patrons.

As per Captain’s prior agreement with patron, the two hour Private Parties are allowed to board Twrecks earlier to set up and/or decorate.

Please be advised that the availability status of your preferred date is subject to change once you hang up.   If you tell us you that you will call back later with a deposit, we can not guarantee that your date will be available when you do call back.  Your date can be taken by the next caller with a deposit.  Therefore, if your date is available when you call, hold it with a deposit!

Only one discount per patron is permitted.


100% If the Captain deems the weather or water conditions unsafe and cancels the trip,

or the trip is cancelled at least 21 days of your scheduled date.

50% Refund if you cancel your reservation 20 and 14 days of your scheduled trip.

25% Refund if you cancel your reservation within 13-7 days of your scheduled trip.

No refund is given if you cancel your date 6 days or sooner, or you do not show.